The minimalist way!

Let's be honest, nobody wants a closet that looks like a landfill; it's always about quality over quantity. Every piece in your wardrobe should be chosen according to versatility and durability and I can safely say that I have finally jumped on the minimalism band wagon in full force. Feast your eyes on the latest additions to my new, more grown up wardrobe; blacks and whites! Eeverything else I don't wear nor like is now packed up in green bags ready to be donated to charity. It's hard to part with your clothes but it's also extremely stressful when every available space is jammed with clothes.

I've even gone and thrown in a beautiful pair of Zara slip ons, love them.  As I'm obsessed with Zara lately, it is now my number one go to place for shoes. I'm still looking for a flat as I'm due to move out soon but I confess, it's harder than I thought. And the search continues..

Have a lovely weekend.
Nokhuthula xo
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