Now and then!

 H&M Floral Sunglasses / Peacocka Mens Shirt / Select Cami Top / Ebay Skort / Claires Anklet / Vintage Genuine Leather Rucksck / Primark Sliders.

Am I the only one who absolutely loves hand me downs? Now can we just take a quick moment to recognise and appreciate the cuteness of this genuine leather rucksack that my momma gave me a few days ago. I'm a 90s child so inevitably I love all things 90s! Today, I come at you in this rather effortless ensemble, one I threw together in less than five minutes after going through that 'what do I wear' phase. Sometimes I just get tired of being indecisive; throw in the towel and roll with it.

'Ugly shoes' are the IT thing this year and let's be honest; sliders are not exactly the most attractive shoes out there but boy am I loving them! They are for adding a retro vibe, only thing missing is a choker; it's about time I invested in one of those.

Hope you've had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo
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