Birthday Girl #23

H&M Striped Polo Top / Zara Skirt / Select Clutch / Zara Slip Ons.

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday so it was only right that I head out with my favourite people for a 'grown up' meal. Quite a few people have stated that 23 is a good age but I haven't quite figured out why yet. This is probably because its only been a day so let me give it a couple months! For my birthday this year, my 'what to wear' worry was non-existent as I kept it rather minimal.


Chimichanga was the place of choice and Seabass and Mexican Paella was the order of the night. It consists of all my favourite things; spicy rice, cajun chicken breast, prawns (not big on prawns at all though), chorizo, peas, sautéed peppers and onions. Talk about being drool worthy!

Outfit wise, stripes and blue seemed to be a great option so I went with my gut.  I'm completely in love with these Zara Slip ons which are only just making their grand debut, so is the clutch and skirt. Oh hail newbies! I received some great gifts and of course, the blog post shall follow in the next few days.
P.S Thoughts on my Sombrero? Chimichanga staff gave me a Mexican style 3 minute party complete with one hell of a catchy 'Happy Birthday' song. Thank you guys!!
One more thing, thank you for keeping up with my Blog all this time. Two birthdays together, not bad ay!

Lots of Love,
Nokhuthula xo 
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