This old thing!


 Ebay Flat Tp Fedora Hat / H&M Shirt / DIY Internacionale Jeans / Mango Touch Bag / Primark Mules. 

Ever since I ventured on this so called 'minimalist' journey, my love for basic shirts seems to have kicked right back in. Its time to dig out the basics, a good ol' contemporary & classical juxtaposition. It's been amazingly hot but raining the last two days which isn't exactly ideal for baring legs, ripped skinny jeans to the rescue.

I dare say, I'm really loving this whole minimalism thing! Never thought I'd see the day where those words would be said. It must be the aging process, I'm getting old (23 this year) which merely suggests I'm get lazier by the day. Anyway, teaming up my favourite pair of skinnies with this old thing (2 year old shirt), its all about that laid back vibe. I've finally jumped onto the Mules wagon and loving it. They are only the coolest shoes on the block.

Have a great weekend!
Nokhuthula xo 
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