New in!

Feast your eyes on these slip on beauts; can you believe they are from Primark?! I have to say, they have moved up a level and are now one hell of a contender on the high street. As you all know, I'm just your common shopaholic so a 'new in' post is definately in order. I've wanted a pair of slip on heels for about tw months now; unfortunately they do cost quite a lot. Thanks to Primark, I'm the proud owner of one which I bagged for a mere £12. Now here is a crazy fact for you, they are mega comfortable.

Since I work a lot these days, I've been purchasing a lot more flats or low chunky heels in the hope of being super comfortable all day but really, I need to stop buying shoes! Here is to more saving and less shopping, must take back control.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Nokhuthula xo
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