H&M Fedora / Ebay DIY Leather Jacket / Primark Shirt /  Vintage Floral Print Trousers / Internacionale Bag / H&M Ankle Boots.

So as to satisfy my rather grande adoration for shoes; I only went and purchased the most amazingly drool worthy ankle boots around! Thank you H&M for leaving yet another dent in my pocket; it's time for a spending ban I think! Ahh; who am I kidding, I wouldn't last more than a week without buying something, even if it had to be a mere lipgloss. Anyway, today I come at you in this print-tastic ensemble, an outfit that is strictly 'made' by a pair of great boots.

Having neglected the 'floral' side of my wardrobe the past few days. I thought I'd dig out the rags. Teaming up this floral shirt with only the most beautiful floral pants and H&M pointed boots, it's all about Parisian chic. If there is one place in the world I would love to visit more times in a year than I shop, it would be Paris; the fashion, the food, the romance. What more could an ordinary girl ask for?! Spring has most definitely sprung so the leather jacket is back after months of collecting dust due to hibernation. 

Priced at just £15 (original price: £34.99), it was only inevitable that these bad boys would come home with me. Boots do not get any more perfect than this, obsessed!

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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