Plain & Simple!

 H&M  Fedora Hat / SheInside Acne Studios Jumper / Claire's Owl Key Necklace / H&M  Trousers / H&M Boots. 

It was a day which I looked forward to with great anticipation, why you ask? A trip to the dentist of course, you can only imagine my excitement. Yes, I am being sarcastic! I'm not a fan of the dentists but it's just one of those things you just got to do; besides, I love my gnashes way too much to neglect them.Today's outfit fits my mood perfectly, I'm not exactly the happiest person in the world right now hence the rather casual non-bright, print-less ensemble.

What do you do when a friend is clearly going through a tough time but they just want to be left alone to think?! This is the kind of predicament on my hands at the moment. Because I'm only human my first instinct is to be there, help out in any way I can and of course try to make the situation as better and as bearable as possible. Phew, it feels good to let that out, okay rant over! Outfit wise, I went for a simple look teaming up an oversized jumper with a pair of trousers and my amazing new boots. I'm obsessed with these boots right now, they are absolutely perfect for creating Parisian looks. Finishing off by throwing on a small bag and a super cute key necklace, comfortability is the order of the day. Here is to hoping that things get better.

Hope you've had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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