Gilly Hicks x Boux Avenue!

As much as I love clothes and shoes, I've found myself purchasing a lot of underwear lately simply because it looks pretty and not cause I need; I really don't need most of the things I buy. It is a way of life for shopaholics, a habit that needs to be executed! 
As most of you are already aware, Gilly Hicks happens to be my favourite place to shop intimates and it is with great sadness that I announce that the Gilly Hicks Store in Cardiff(St Davids 2) is closing down. I only found out 2 days ago, way to rattle up my world! As a salute to this amazing store/brand, I popped in and purchased a few bits and bobs for old times' sake. From pretty pastel coloured bralets, to nude coloured bras!
I am actually ashamed to say but this just so happens to be my very first nude coloured bra and it's about time too. I didn't buy it for the colour, nude is too dull for me, it's my lust after lace that's got me spending. Having purchased a few bralets from La Senza back in October, it is now an addiction I can't shake. They are the most comfortable intimates out there, who need bras when bralets exists; besides bra underwire genuinely hurts me *the joys of being skinny and having big ribs*. 

I also made a quick trip to Boux Avenue last week where I purchased the cutest bra ever, oh and they measured me to determine my exact bra size. In Boux Avenue, I'm a 30C which is a size I didn't even know existed. This bra reminds me of my favourite childhood character which inevitably was Minnie Mouse, the reason why I had to have it. Here is to pretty intimates and a bit of nostalgia along the way. 

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Hope you have had a great weekend!
Nokhuthula xo 
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