Bananas in Pajamas!

H&M Fedora Hat / Thrift Coat / H&M Jumper Dress / H&M Handbag / Ebay(China) Cutout Shoes.

Today I come at you totally decked out in a nearly all H&M ensemble. As you're all aware, I am addicted to all things H&M, an addiction fuelled by gorgeous prints, quirky crops and unbelievably affordable prices. Is it wrong to state that I'm feeling like a banana in pajamas in this new H&M jumper dress of mine and I kind of like it?! Call me uncanny but this is one rad dress! The weather is looking rather promising once again, here is to more sun-filled days. Anyway, this is one dress I will not be putting to rest anytime soon; there are so many ways to wear it and I'm more than willing to play Dora the explorer.

And we are back to square one after warming up to minimalism once again and shunning all jewelry. After years of dripping in necklaces, bracelets and rings; I am finally moving away from jewelry; the fire just isn't there anymore. Teaming up this gorgeous new jumper dress which is only just making its grand debut with my beloved tartan coat and what I'd say is my favourite pair of cutout sandals; it's all about minimalism with just the right amount of edge/grunge. I've finally finished all my summer shopping so I'll be doing a post on the latest additions to my summer wardrobe soon. 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
Nokhuthula xo 
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