All the unpopular things!

NEX Blazer / H&M Lace Bralet / Thrift Vintage Skirt / Primark Satchel / H&M Socks / Ebay Cutout Block Heel Boots. 

Yes you guessed it; I'm repping 93' and of course a salute to the golden age of grunge! In order to capture the essence of such a generation, I went for the most vintage skirt in my wardrobe pairing it up with more modern pieces. There are thousands of other sartorial ways to do the 90s justice but there's nothing says it better than a vintage skirt teamed up with a quirky bralet. Its all about relishing our youth, celebrating recklessness and individuality!

Gone are my days of minimalism, at least I hope they are; heading back to my grunge roots. Teaming up this amazing daisy print skirt which is only just making its grand debut with this gorgeous lace bralet and a blazer for warmth, its all about grunge in its finest form. Chunky boots and a satchel to finish off, I'm wailing out. The sun seems to have disappeared again but hopefully, it will be back soon.

Hope you have had a wonderful day! 
Nokhuthula xo
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