Polkadots&Knee Highs!

River Island Faux Fur Scarf / Primark Coat / Superdry Top / Jane Norman Polkadot Shorts / River Island Belt / New Look Knee High Socks / New Look Lace Up Ankle Boots.

As my bond with lipstick slowly crumbles away, I'm finally starting to embrace my natural lip colour. Who am I kidding, there's not much of a lip 'colour' there but there are times when you just don't feel like wearing lipstick; today is one of those days and what a breath of freeking fresh air! I never realised just how 'heavy' lipstick actually is. Anyway, today I come at you in this rather sassy look with just the right amount of chasteness.
   Before I go any further, can you guys do me a huge favour please?! One of my lovely followers and reader contacted me last night asking for assistance with her disseration. Here's the low down; she's a final year Fashion Management student who is currently collecting research for her dissertation. Now we've all been there, it's tough so how about lending her and hand by filling in her 'Fashion Blogs and Purchase Influence' Questionnaire, it will take less than two minutes. Help a girl out!

With the weather being a bit unstable lately, I've had to dig out the faux fur scarf once again; it goes perfectly with this black coat of mine. Teaming it up with a basic top, plokadot shorts to add some character and knee high socks for that grungy feel, it's all about comfortability. Did I mention how much I adore these new lace up boots of mine which I snatched from New Look a few weeks back for just £29.99. Thy are only just making their grand debut; about time too.

Hope you are having a lovely week!
Nokhuthula xo
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