H&M Fedora Hat / Thrift Coat / H&M Striped Polo Neck Top / Ebay Necklace / Peacocks Shorts / H&M Bag / Primark Shoes.

Somewhere between genuinely deranged and just a hint of malcontent exists this rather bright ensemble. I have never been one to match my shorts with my lipstick but alas, here you have it. Oh and did I mention that I'm not even wearing mascara either today, what sorcery is this? I guess there's a time for everything but I sure hope this is not going to turn into a stinking habit. Outfit wise, I'm feeling very 'springy' today. The sun is out and birds are singing so I sure as hell am not about to miss the chance to bear some leg.

Fuchsia is one colour that never gets old; it's fun, it's flirty and of course non-seasonal. Teaming up these amazing shorts which had been dying at the back of wardrobe the past few months with a striped polo neck top to add some character, it's all about minimalistic uptown chic. Throw on a pair of lady like heels and a statement coat, I'm wailing out. Just trying to liven things up a little, bright colours do just the trick.

Hope you have had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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