LFW: Belle Sauvage Fall 2014!

Image shot by Filipo L'Astorina (The Upcoming).

Some of the most amazing yet most modern/bizzare designs I've ever seen which is exactly why I need to own some of Belle Sauvage's pieces. Clothing that is designed to be statement pieces are always the the best; go bold or go home! On Saturday afternoon I attended Belle Sauvage's Fall 2014 show at Free Masons Hall and I have to say,  it was one hell of a show! Showcasing very strong, bold designs still maintaining a flair of feminism and chic, Belle Sauvage is most definitely a force to be reckoned with! Being a sucker for everything bright and print; Belle Sauvage's designs had a lot of personality with just the right amount of sass and I cannot fault them on style. Their cartoon like designs are super original. The show consisted of reds, golds and blacks which are colours that complement each other really well. Their use of gold chains incorporated into their clothing and head pieces is absolute genius. The collection was exquisite which is why it's no surprise that Belle Sauvage has achieved celebrity support from people like Kelly Osborne and are receiving a substantial amount of media interest. 
I already did a post on what I wore and it was up yesterday, read it HERE!

Well known for their digital prints, this collection did not disappoint and was the highlight of my weekend. I am so sorry for the photo quality, it was a long day, lots of people, manic! Besides taking moving pictures is not my strongest point so here is a better image shot by Filipo L'Astorina (The Upcoming). 

Hope you've had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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