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Did someone say bright colours?! No problem at all, just chuck them my way and I'll be sure to make them feel right at home. The lovely people at La Moda contacted me a few days ago in regards to sending me a free bag from their new collection. You can only imagine my excitement! I was kindly asked to choose a bag that tickled my fancy which made me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Talk about being thrown in the deep end, the good kind at that. It was only inevitable that I would end up choosing a rather bright coloured bag.
I guess you're wondering what the lowdown is on this badboy. Keep your pants on, I'm getting to that. The Sheridan is a large structured tote bag, by structured I mean it is STRUCTURED! The shape is impeccable.

Inside the bag is beautiful detailing and different compartments to keep your things. The kind of bag you need if for example keys are something you always misplace.

Even though I'm not much of an artist myself, I have always been quite fond of 'artsy' decors and features. This bag just so happens to have a gorgeous art deco handle. The blue, white and red together reminds me of the French Flag, the yellow adds just that bit more character to the handle. Priced at just £20.00, you'd be a fool not to. Who wouldn't lust after such a striking bag?!

Outfit wise, it's all about edge with a flair of innocence today. I teamed up a simple pair of striped leggings with this amazing jumper that's only just making it's grand debut. I'm obsessed with how baggy it is, a breath of fresh air! The sun is out today so I'm taking advantage by breaking out the sunnies and my beloved white platforms. You really did not expect me to wear them in the rain did you? I finished off my look with what I'd say is my favourite coat of all time. I do hope the weather stays like this; who am I kidding, mother nature will not let that happen. Not yet anyway!

I am so in love with this bag that I've teamed it up with one of my LFW outfits!
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Have a wonderful day!
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