Go too far!

Primark Coat / Very.co.uk Denim Shirt / Internacionale Jeans / H&M Bag / New Look Lace Up Ankle Boots. 

After being in what I'd call a rather fowl mood this past week maybe because of exhaustion, I'm back to being jolly and unfortunately talkative. You'd expect me to talk less and less as I grow older but it's actually working out the other way round. A toast to being free and speaking your mind! The title of y post today highlights my rekindled love for a song I used to listen to back in high school. The song is by 'Jibbs feat Melody Thornton' and as for the title, it's pretty obvious. Thank goodness for that little miracle called Youtube. Anyway, enough chit chat; I wore this outfit when I travelled to London. I'm all about comfortability when travelling but I'm also big on breaking conventions. Who says you have to dress boring to be comfortable? t's all about this alluring bright pink coat and denim on denim; a sight for sore eyes.  
It had been a while since I last donned a denim on denim ensemble. A pair of skinnies is a great basic stale to have in your wardrobe, my go to item when travelling. I teamed it up with a denim shirt and a pair of ankle boots. Threw in a few accessories and I was ready to hit the road. No trip is complete with a Starbucks mocha to get you on your way. I had such a lovely time in London!

Have a great weekend!
Nokhuthula xo 

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