Changing of the Seasons!

 New Look Fedora / Next Blazer / Superdry Shirt / Dungaree Dress / LYDC Bag / New Look Cutout Boots.

After 3 months of neglect and I really do deserve to be sanctioned for such a crime, I have finally whipped out this amazing dungaree dress which is only just making its grand debut. Dungarees made a huge come back in 2013 and I'm going to keep it going throughout 2014. There are no limits when it comes to matters of fashion and even if there were, I'd happily break them. Why conform when you can deviate?! Today's look is rather modest consisting of subtle colours with just the right amount of sass. No there is absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes, put the phone down you do not need to see your optician; I did say sass.

The sun is out, hooray, Spring is nearly here! It's about time I started baring some leg again, some well deserved fresh air. Shying away from my usual bright tendencies, it's all about simplicity today. Teaming up the dress with a Superdry check shirt and a solid coloured blazer, it's a flow of never ending shades of blue. I finished off my look by throwing a pair of cutout boots and a bright bag to add a hint of playful. After months of rain and dreary weather, it's nice to see Mr Sun again.

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo
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