Primark Coat / Peacocks Polo Neck Top / Peacocks Trousers / Primark Satchel / Primark Shoes.

How about you file this one under 'too many colours' as I'm back to my rather vivid ways. When it comes to the weather, all hope is lost! Just when I thought it was getting warmer because the sun is out today, mother nature only went and threw one hell of a slap my way, it is freezing! Bring out the big guns, by that I am of course referring to this 'tartantastic' coat. What is monochrome?!

 I'll try to keep this one short and sweet for all times sake. As my obsession with polo necks continues to bloom, I'm back to loving baggy trousers. Having been donning skinnies the past few weeks, it's great to have some breathing room. It's all about minimalism in it's brightest form! LFW is just 4 days away and so I might want to start outfit planning. I'll attending a couple of shows so if you're about, be sure to say hie. Literally drag me aside if need be.
In other news, I was featured on Favourite Fashion Blogs yesterday which was a great way to end my day. Read what they had to say HERE!

Now, you do realise we got through another maniac Monday, SMILE!
Hope you've had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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