So far down!

 Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Ebay Print Coat / Internacionale Turtleneck Jumper / Ebay Zara Lookalike Skort / Primark Tights / New Look Bag / Stylistpick Ankle Boots.

Don't fret, it's only a bit of make up. Yes, 'makeup' and I have settled our differences rekindling our long lost relationship in the process. I can't help but wonder how long this will actually last as I'm not very keen on wearing make up anymore. Lately, foundation and a bit of mascara does me just fine. Outfit wise, I'm all about that statement coat today. Oversized turtleneck knits are always a great piece to have during the winter and this particular one which I purchased from Internacionale a couple of weeks ago sure does this coat justice.

To this day, I still hyperventilate over the splendor of this print coat. Those 2 hours of stalking and winning it on Ebay were totally worth it. Pairing it up with a super warm turtleneck jumper, black skort and tights to keep warm; it's all about comfortability. I finished off this look by throwing on a pair of Stylistpick boots and clutching onto a New Look Bag. I'm not quite sure why it's getting really cold again but all I know is that I do not like it. What kind of black magic is this?

Hope you've all had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo
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