Parisian Chic!

Accessorize Hat / Thrift Tartan Coat / Jane Norman Shirt / Internacionale Necklace / New Look Rings / Internacionale Tartan Skirt / H&M Handbag / New Look Ankle Boots.

Who needs grunge when Parisian Chic comes knocking at your door?! When you hear 'Parisian Chic' you instantly think effortless and much classier than the standard get up but I'm big on scrapping conventions and taking risks all year round so here is my take on this rather sophisticated style. New hat, new bag, new skirt and new shoes; what more could a girl ask for? From minimal accessories to pointed boots, it's all about keeping it elegant with a hint of character.


My obsession with tartan is now through the roof and I'm not quite sure when it's going to completely flush out of my system. Having put together this outfit in just 10 minutes, I;m not quite sure why I don't dress like this everyday as I'm really fond of this Parisian style get up. Teaming up this tartan coat which I purchased at Clothes Show Live 2013 with a bright coloured shirt to complement my green tartan skirt, it's all about keeping it classy. I finished off my look with these new cutout boots of mine which I purchased a few days ago in the New Look sale for just £8 and a new bag which I only received yesterday as a belated Christmas present from my best friend. God knows how long I had wanted this beautiful H&M handbag; you can only imagine my joy!

Have a lovely weekend!
Nokhuthula xo
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