New Look Beanie / River Island Faux Fur Scarf / Primark Coat / River Island Sunglasses / Peacocks Shirt / Internacionale Jumper / Ebay Harem Pants / H&M Bag / White Leather Platforms (From China but similar ones HERE)

Wait, don't go! I swear this is only temporary, well at least I hope it is. Just messing, this whole 'monochrome' thing most definitely is temporary, forever team brights! I'm not quite sure what made me style up a black and white ensemble today but hey sh*t happens. It may simply be because I'm getting lazier by the day or be because I could not wait any more than 48 hours to debut this beautiful faux fur scarf that I purchased yesterday in the the River Island sale for a mere £12. It was one of those moments where you sniff out a bargain, make eye contact then grab before anybody else does. And to sound even weirder, this faux fur scarf kind of reminds me of a skunk. You know, just stating the obvious and yes that sounds absolutely horrendous because a skunk is one animal you do not want to come across. Are you telling me you don't see it? This scarf might look like one but it sure as hell looks, feels and smells a million times better than the real thing. Don't get yourself worked up over nothing, it's faux fur.

In the next 48-72 hours, I'll be back to my grungy colourful tendencies donning some rather blinding get ups but for now, try and enjoy this subtle look. Teaming up a check shirt, simple grey text jumper,  black and white print harem pants and my beloved coat, monochrome is the order of the day. I finished off my look by throwing on some amazing Stella McCartney dupes which my boyfriend bought me from China. Everyone else seems to be tweeting and getting them from Choies, a store I never even knew existed. How did I not know about Choies?! Only one of the best online stores I've come across. Mr Sun came out to play today hence the sunnies, a new pair which I also bought yesterday from River Island and the beanie, well that was inevitable.
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Have a lovely weekend!
Nokhuthula xo
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