Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Clothes Show Live Tartan Coat / Internacionale Dogtooth Dress / Internacionale Shirt / New Look Belt / Primark Tights / New Look Bag / Ebay Cutout Boots.

As much as I try to shy away from 'quick fix' outfits, today I'm letting this alluring coat do all the talking! I can't begin to express my true adoration for this amazing vintage find which I snatched at Clothes Show Live for just £15. Now these are the sorts of bargains I live for. I could go and on about how much I love this coat so I'll save you the hustle of reading my never ending paragraphs whilst secretly hoping that you actually enjoy reading them. I've already become progressively dependent on these cutout boots, it's all about comfortability.


My Christmas' come early this year, I have so many new clothes and this is the first outfit featuring some of my latest pieces. Here is a drool worthy photo of the latest additions to my ever growing wardrobe; I'll do a blog post on everything new some time this week.

Teaming it up with a gorgeous cami dogtooth dress, throwing in a shirt underneath; it's all about hopping on the counter-cultural band wagon, adding a thin belt to enhance definition of my waist. Being quite fond of this colour palette, I wore black shoes to refrain from diverting attention away from the main. I went out last night and it was great but I'm rather so I'm off to have a lie down on the sofa, watching animation movies whilst stuffing my face with Ben Jerrys Ice Cream. Sounds like a plan.

Have a lovely Sunday!
Nokhuthula xo
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