Party Edit #1: Work/Office Christmas Party!

Primark Lace Suit / Internacionale C'est La Vie T-shirt / Internacionale Statement Necklace / New Look Clutch / Primark Heels.

Today marks the beginning of my 'Party Edit', about time wouldn't you say? I have so many festive season suitable party outfit ideas to share, which will of course come to a close with an undeniably drool worthy New Year's Eve Party Look. The Work/Office Christmas Party season is in full swing so let's get on with these Christmas party posts. Although attendance is optional, it is always good to make an appearance; it shows you are part of the team. On the other hand, putting an outfit together for such an event can be tricky. My greatest and most obvious advice would be to dress appropriately!
The work Christmas party isn't the place to wear that super short and slinky black dress or anything ill-fitting. Most of these parties have a dress code. If your work do does have a dress code; it makes your life a whole lot easier as you have an idea of where to start. If not, well listen up. This is your chance to show your bold style, to make a statement that those co-workers will never forget. As for the hair style, well that's completely up to you.

Red is the colour of Christmas, the colour of danger and the colour of Santa's suit.Why not play matchy matchy with Santa by donning a stunning two piece. Having purchased this suit just 3 days ago from Primark for just £14, I'm enamored by it's gorgeous shade of red. Oh did I mention that this suit is currently on sale! I dressed it down by chucking on a simple white c'est la vie tee; wouldn't want to look like I'm actually going to work on a normal week day. I've finished off my look with a statement necklace, a read clutch to complement my suit and classic black heels.

I have styled my hair in two ways which I think are quite understated. Whether you prefer to have your hair up in a modest/messy knot or down, this look seems to fit both agendas. Just remember to treat  this event as half party, half work. We all love a bit of gossip but this is the least sensible thing to do at a work party. Now get out there, drink responsibly (not too much), have lots of fun, mingle and always be ready to shake hands and greet others otherwise you will seem antisocial. It is a party after all!

Hope you've all had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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