One Giant Leap!

So I finally caved, I am now the proud owner of 500 business cards, a holder and also a mug which just so happens to have my blog logo on it. It's amazing how a few business cards can make your day and I'm feeling just that bit more professional now that they are in my grasp. I had been meaning to get these for a while now as it's rather humiliating not having any at the ready when a fellow blogger or brand asks you for one. Sayonara to that! I ordered these from Vistaprint and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. It was only inevitable that my three little monsters would be the main attraction.

I uploaded my own design creating these rather colourful business cards which I think fit my blog quite well. Having ordered 500 cards for just over £40 (extra-glossy), I'd say it''s money well spent. I'm now also a proud owner of a medium sized mug that has my blog logo on the side; definitely my favourite item to date. My family and boyfriend want the exact same mug so I'll be ordering a few more soon. If you are looking for flawlessly finished and affordable business cards, Vistaprint is the way to go.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Nokhuthula xo

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