Clothes Show Live 2013!

Primark Coat / JD Sports T-shirt / New Look Scarf / Topshop Jeans / JD Sports Nike Roshe Runs / Primark bag. 

'No likey, No lightey', where's that from?! I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, the first-ever Take Me Out: Live On Stage debuted at the NEC Birmingham, hosted by Paddy McGuinness himself! Only the UK's largest fashion festival; jam packed with catwalks, music, all the latest fashion and of course celebrities everywhere, Clothes Show Live is not one to be missed. Today is actually the last day of Clothes Show Live which has been taking place at the NEC in Birmingham for the past 4 days (6-10 December). On Sunday morning (8th of December), I travelled to Birmingham for Clothes Show Live and I had such a great time. There was a lot going on and a lot more people were there this year in comparison to last year. Oh did I mention that I was accredited with a Press Pass which was brilliant. It was such a great day, I met a few bloggers (Stylingo, Sindy from Article21 and Joanna from Minty Essence). I drank lots of orange juice, snapped way too many photos and just had a blast.
Outfit wise, comfortability was the order of the day! There is always so much going on and lots of walking involved at Clothes Show Live which is why I dug out my Nike Roshe Runs. Pairing up a pair of Topshop baggy jeans with a simple tee and bright pink coat to complement my shoes, it was all about minimalism. It's not everyday you catch me in such an understated ensemble, what sorcery is this?!

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Let's talk bag essentials! No train ride is complete without a Company Magazine issue, Ipad and of course some popcorn. Can I just mention that I was super prepared for this trip. Yes, I even went as far as renting/downloading 2 movies on the Ipad, movies I hadn't watched before of course. You can't go wrong with a bit of Sci Fi, 'After Earth' and Animation, 'Despicable 2'. It would be a bit pointless to attend Clothes Show Live without a camera, it was the first thing I packed. Throw in a few snacks and you're on your way.

This was by far my favourite collection, these prints are beautiful! After returning home Sunday night, I posted the second photo above on my Instagram, sharing it on my Twitter and Facebook pages; mentioning how this was 'the best part of the show' for me. Minutes later, the designer of this collection followed me on Instagram, also giving me her email; great stuff. Now that I know who she is, I'll most definitely be rocking her collection come summer 2014.

 Am I inspired after watching this show, you got that right! I'm still overwhelmed with all the excitement I experienced in one day. Great seat, Press office breaks, 2 lovely blogger friends, shopping, catwalks, Union J (Yes, they performed and I was in the front seats with Joanna and Sindy, M A J O R hotties). 

After having them as a follower on my Instagram, I paid a quick visit to Celliana jewellery 's stand. It was so nice to finally meet some of their team in person. They were very down to earth and friendly, it was only inevitable that I would snap a quick photo. Even treated myself to this beautiful Celliana ring.
I know, you've all been waiting to find out what I bought at Clothes Show Live. Sorry to disappoint you but I only purchased one thing this year, the only thing that really caught my eye and such a great staple addition to my wardrobe. I bought a really long (just above my ankles) Tartan jacket. Cannot wait to style it up..
With Sindy from Article21 and Joanna from Minty Essence!
Clothes Show Live 2013, you outdid yourself!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
Nokhuthula xo
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