Tartan Fever!

New Look 'Selfie' Beanie / Primark Tartan Coat / Internacionale Shirt / Motel Rocks Jumper / Internacionale Tartan Leggings / New Look Bag / New Look Lace Up Ankle Boots.
Extremely blinding jumper aside, I'm all tartan and as bright as can be. This can only mean one thing, I am content with life, I am in a good place right now! You have no idea what grapes can do to your mood, well mine anyway. I've only been binge eating those little green balls of deliciousness for the past week or two and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Oh did I mention that grapes are my favourite fruit?! Would you look at that, you just learnt something new about me. Outfit wise,  meet my new coat; the most perfect coat in my closet to date with the exception of my floral print coat which you will be seeing in an outfit post in the upcoming weeks. The boots are new too, ah yes I've been shopping again and in desperate need of professional help. Still, talk about being in love! Yes it is possible to be in love with a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes especially if they are as perfect as this; scooch on over boyfriend.

It's funny that I mention my boyfriend should scooch over, he's the one who actually bought me this coat. The boy knows me too well. Teaming it up with a pair of dogtooth leggings which I got from Internacionale for just £12.99, simple green shirt and a Motel Rocks jumper, its all about making a statement. These are the most amazing boots, comfortable, majorly stylish and only priced at £29.99 in New Look; what's not to like? The weather is rather dull and dreary so I'm putting in an extra effort to keep things interesting. Just trying to keep creativity alive for as long as I can.
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Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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