Polkadot days!

I know, I'm just as scared as you! Where has my hat gone? By now you should all understand how I work, how I function and it most definitely isn't without hats. Having the most ineffable obsession with hats, today I'm feeling a bit lost without it. My head needs to breathe from time to time. Still, these bright colours sure make up for it quite well. Polkadot overload;? Maybe just a bit. Yes, I am one of those very rare people that get excited over things that most people would only passively appreciate.

And I will start off with a little rant about how much I dislike my lips and how I've always thought they are too big! Well they might be big but I've learnt to live with them and besides they look pretty badass in red wouldn't you say?! Long days at work mean comfortable shoes and comfortable shoes lead to overly quirky outfits. Today I went a little crazy with the colour palette, from polkadots to cute knits and red checks; I think it's about time I saw a psychologist. Let me give you the lowdown; I'm forever team brights! It's where all the cool people hang out.

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Hope you are all having a lovely week!
Nokhuthula xo
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