Friday, 15 November 2013

My Shoe Collection #1: Favourite Winter Boots!


Move over autumn, winter's here! Today's post is a little bit different but we like different don't we? Different is good! In all the years I've lived here, I've never been as prepared for winter as I am this year. This may simply be because I have now grown and matured into a sensible and organised young lady OR because I froze my buttox off last year, a slap in the face you can never forget! Yes, you guessed right, it is of course the second one. As much as I would like the first statement to be true, alas, it is just wishful thinking. Anyway, let's talk boots! They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and are most definitely a winter essential. I won't even attempt to write about all of my winter shoes as there's just too many to mention so I've picked a few. The aim of this post is to share just a few of my favourite winter boots without boring you to death. I'll make it quick but I must warn you, some of these little gems of mine are extremely drool-worthy! Tissues at the ready..

Meet the newest additions to my ever growing shoe collection; only the most perfect cutout boots! Having ordered these bad boys on the 3rd of November on Ebay from China, they got to me yesterday! If you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen a photo of these already. You can only imagine my reaction when I opened the package; they look even better in front of me. They are super light which is amazing because from just looking at them you'd expect them to be heavy and they have a zip at the back which makes them really easy to pop on. This has to be the best £20 I've ever spent! 

And here comes the sister boots. Slightly different from the boots above in the sense that these are closed boots; no cutouts everywhere and they do not have a zip at the back. You might remember meeting these badboys on Instagram and in a Youtube Video the very day they arrived. This isn't their first appearance on this blog as I've had a few outfits featuring them. Again, they are lightweight and surprisingly easy to walk in.
Would you say I'm an Ebay addict? Maybe just a little..

Oh New Look, you never disappoint! After falling in love with these Lace Up Ankle Boots last week, I committed yet another crime; only went and bought the damn boots. Why won't anybody hear my cry for help; shopaholic rehab would suffice. Things like this are so hard for me to resist, it's like trying to take candy from a baby. Just not happening!
Outfit post featuring these boots:

The amazing people at Stylistpick kindly sent me these Mikka Studded Biker Boots for free nearly 2 weeks ago now and I'm ever so grateful. They are such a gorgeous colour, the studs add some much needed edge and the low heel maintains the shoes' comfort. What's not to like?
You can read my review of these boots here

Another pair that was sent to me for free by Stylistpick, they are too good to me! Aren't they perfect? Everything is just in the right place! The gold detailing adds a bit of life to the black and they are really comfortable. One thing I've noticed about Styslistpick boots is that they are super comfortable; I know you need that. Don't watch your feet cry!

My mannequins must be super jealous because I rock these shoes better than them. Yes, I bought these cutout boots from Internacionale a couple of weeks ago, it was love at first sight. Because I'm a VM there, I get staff discount too which was even better. Way to convince a girl to bag the shoes.
Watch them in this Youtube Video:

Talk about feeling sexier than Victoria Beckham when romping around in these  A M A Z I N G  DUO Boots! They were sent to me for free to review by the lovely people DUO Boots which basically made my year. They come in Jade Green, purple and black too so you dont have an excuse not to! Grab a tissue and wipe that drool, get your own!
Read my review here:

 Deichmann Brown Ankle Boots, they've only been stored away at the back of my closet for the past 6 months or so after being worn twice. I really do deserve to be sanctioned, some major neglect taking place. I fell in love with these boots last December when I saw them 'smiling' at me as they hung on their perfectly polished stand. What did you expect me to do, they were smiling at me!

Peacocks, made me do it! I've had these boots for just over a year now and as you probably can tell from the photo, they've been barely worn. Why? Because I'm a lazy b*tch who just can't get herself to treat her shoes equally. It's such a shame because I really do love these boots and I aim to wear them a lot more this winter.

I'll be filming a Youtube video on my favourite winter boots this weekend and it will feature a few more pairs that are not featured in this post.

Hope you've all had a wonderful week!
Nokhuthula xo 
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