La Senza Lace Bralettes Review!

Let's play Peak-a-boo, well not literally! I was thinking more along the lines of donning gorgeous lace bralettes underneath tank tops and maybe throwing on some killer high waisted pieces too. Comfortable and inexpensive not to mention super sexy; these La Senza bralettes got it going on! 
After endlessly scrolling through photos of beautiful lace bralettes in every colour imaginable on Instagram a few days ago, it was only inevitable that I would end up venturing out into the cold just to treat myself to two of these drool-worthy little numbers.  

Let's talk red! This bralette is of course my favourite no doubt merely because red is such a gorgeous colour plus it fits me like a glove. The straps are elastic so they are very easy to use and the material is super sparkly so perfect for the festive season. Talk about feeling like Santa! It can be worn as a top but I will of course refrain from doing so as I embark into this endless battle of trying to maintain my decency. I purchased these two for just £22.95, how could I walk away from a deal like that!

On the contrary, this bralette is very different to the red one. With its fine mesh fabric and a lot more texture, it is rather modest offering a lot of coverage. What I've noticed about this one is that that cups are gathered both in the center and side hence more coverage in comparison to the red bralette. The colours are great, they remind me of summer and how much I actually miss it. Time is flying so summer will be here again soon. Oh, who am I kidding, summer is a long way away. I might as well crawl under a rock and stay there. 

What's you take on lace bralettes?

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Have a wonderful Friday!
     Nokhuthula xo 
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