Just go with it!

New Look Beanie / Primark Coat / New Look Scarf / Internacionale Dress / Internacionale Tights / New Look Bag / Primark Brogues.

Having been secretly obsessed with this rather grand bag from New Look for a while, it is finally mine! Oh and did I mention how much I love this amazingly war new coat of mine?! I'm overcome by a subtle euphoria, a happiness triggered by these newest additions to my wardrobe. Ah yes, I can be pretty sad at times but can you blame me? Anyway, today I come at you in this simplistic outfit, probably the simplest outfit you will ever see me in. Here's is to injecting some much needed 'quirky' into a dreary, wet day. 

I've been loving burgundy/maroon lately and it's slowly becoming my favourite colour. Teaming up basic floral print dress with this black and grey coat which I purchased from Primark a few days ago for just £28 (bargain), its all about keeping it minimal but interesting. Why be a bore, variety is the spice of life! I finished off my look by chucking on a pair of burgundy brogues which match nicely with the bag. Of course I couldn't leave my beloved 'Selfie' beanie behind, its only inevitable.

Hope you've all had a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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