If you are as much of a fashion maniac as me, one who spends hours on end browsing what I like to call ‘selfie’ sights for inspiration, then read on. I was recently introduced to STYLIGHT (this will be a link to your site) a coummunity filled with budding bloggers and fashion lovers. You can even #Hashtag your posts!

Need an introduction to only the latest most hottest fashion products or want to go moodboard crazy, Stylight is the place to be. The site’s layout is really simple and it’s really easy to use. It has lots of different features but don’t panic, once you sign up via Facebook or an email address, you’ll be guided through the basic steps of the site. There is one major peck to using Stylight but I’ll save the best for last.

Here is how it works:

1.     Head on over to (or if you're elsewhere in the world).
2.    Have a browse of the site, there’s plenty to see including outfits, member boards and maybe have a        little shop from the Women and Men fashion.
3. Let’s interact? Just click the JOIN button which is in the top right hand corner. You can sign up via           your Facebook or you can use youremail address. Completely up to you!
4.    You can start creating your very own board by clicking the big purple + button

That’s basically it, it’s pretty easy right! I managed to find some of my favourite brands on Stylight too e.g. Minkpink which is great. High end brands like Prada and Helmut Lung are also featured on the site. It gives you the opportunity to buy featured product with the click of a button; no effort there.
Remember  I saved the best for last and it is the fact that Stylight allow you to add music to your outfit posts! When a user uploads a photo of him/herself wearing a particular outfit, they are ale to products similar to what they are wearing so other users can shop the look then you can incorporate a song or video into it. Now that’s definitely something! I love this sight and I’ pretty sure I’ll be spending the rest of my days, well most of them browsing away. Join Stylight and let’s be intergeeks together.

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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