Solitary Refinement!

Unknown Kulture Beanie / Ebay Pinafore Jumpsuit / Internacionale 'ICON' Necklace / Internacionale Striped Long Sleeve Crop Tee / LYDC Bag / Primark Heels. 

Summer is but a distant memory! With the ground covered in brown leaves and plants; it all seems a little too real that the cold has arrived and 2013 is nearly over. Change of pace, whilst I do exercise and am rather fond of crazy colours and eccentric prints; I'm a bit calm today. This may be because I didn't have much time to dress this morning or that I was just too lazy to look through my closet. Either way, I'm embracing the beauty of simplicity; an embrace that surely won't last more than 48 hours before I helplessly crawl back to my beloved grungy tendencies.    

Even though I've had this pinafore for nearly 5 months, this is the first time I've worn it. Neglecting your clothes, especially the new ones is an unforgivable crime. I am a lost cause and surely I deserve to sanctioned. This gorgeous pinafore jumpsuit is making it's grand debut teamed up with a striped crop top so as to avoid diverting attention away from it. Not a day goes by without me wearing some sort of hat and today I threw on this red beanie to add a bit of character to my look. Finishing off with a bright coloured bag and simple black heels to keep the look understated; it's all about minimalism on these chilly autumn days. Phht, who am I kidding! This is merely a phase, a phase that will disappear within 48 hours. 

Hope you've all had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo  
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