Obsession du jour!

H& Blazer / Internacionale Necklace / Flamingo T-shirt / Stylistpick Trousers / Armani Exchange Bag / Primark Shoes. 

If you are not hyperventilating over the splendour of these pants, you are a lost cause! Winter's here and it can only mean one thing; let's get even more colourful! The lovely people at Stylistpick sent me these amazing  print trousers back in September; they are only just making their grand debut. You can read the post and watch the Youtube video I did on that HERE! Yes, I'm addicted to Stylistpick! My current wishlist features a number of things that are currently on their website. Being an avid fan of all things bright and print, these trousers are no doubt right up my street which is why I was ecstatic when they arrived. The weather is quite dry and stable today; a chance for me to whip out my new Armani Exchange Bag which just so happens to be my latest obsession.

Refraining from diverting attention away from the trousers, I tried to keep the colour combination subtle. Teaming the pants up with a simple tee and blazer, it's all about minimalistic uptown chic. I'm actually very fond of these Primark heels which is why I cannot stop wearing them. They are a timeless pair! Another busy day, a blissfully undemanding outfit. 

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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