Holy Grail

H&M Beanie / NEXT Blazer / Internacionale Jumper / Internacionale Shirt / Internacionale Leather Skirt / Internacionale  Knee High Socks / Peacocks Rucksack / Block Heel Cutout Boots. 

Don't panic! You are on the right blog; I'm still the same person but heads up, here is a change of pace. I'm in major 'Grunge' mode today! It's not everyday you see me donning what seems to be nearly an all black ensemble. It's so darn wrong, it's uncanny and it's so not in my element but alas; I'm a sucker for anything grunge. This leather skirt teamed up with these knee high socks and killer cutout boots tickled my fancy and besides, it's al about looking tough. You scared yet?

Only one of the biggest trends this year, it is most definitely my favourite. Not every outfit of mine has a particular theme but what I do know is that they all have a hint of grunge. I' keeping things dark and mysterious with all these dark coloured pieces, I threw on a light coloured jumper to add some life to my look. It wouldn't be complete without a rucksack and it was only inevitable that I would crawl back to those beloved prints. It's a beautiful day; great excuse to bare some legs.

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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