Frizzy Frenzy!

New Look SELFIE Beanie / NEXT Blazer / Internacionale 'ICON' Necklace / Internacionale French Text Jumper / Internacionale Skirt / Internacionale Tights / Peacocks Rucksack / Sports Direct Nike Sneakers. 

I find myself in a new state of mind once again, a mentality I can't quite grasp! This has become an unwanted routine which only seems to occur whenever I have a new hair do. My mind instantly switches from one style to another, a style of dressing that sits well with my new hair. Oh, have you met Delilah the fro?! She's big, she's curly and just darn right out there. She's the outcome of my long lost braids which fell victim to a pair of scissors and tweezers yesterday. I shampooed the braids, cut them shorter and undid them 3/4 up. You can only imagine the torment! Delilah will be sticking around for a while so get familiar and be friends. Today I come at you in this urban street ensemble, one that wouldn't be complete without a pair of Nike sneakers.

If you watched my AW13 HAUL video, you'd already know that these are my very first pair of sneakers ever. I've owned lots of Converse, daps and creepers over the years but never a pair of sneakers which is just plain weird. They are the most comfortable shoes and I'm so glad I bought them. Teaming up a simple text jumper with a bright coloured skirt to add some much needed life to the grey, its all about urban appreciation. I finished off my look by adding a pair of striped tights, selfie beanie and rucksack. Just trying to keep things simple.
*In other news, I'm styling a Futuristic photoshoot today which should be interesting. Will post a few photos up as soon as I can get my bony hands on a few of them.

Have a lovely Saturday!
Nokhuthula xo 
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