C'est La Vie!

Ebay Sunglasses / NEXT Blazer / Internacionale T-shirt / New Look Necklace / New Look Skirt / Love Moschino Bag / Strappy Heels.

I'm afraid we have a case of Deja vu on our hands; it feels like summer all over again! The sun is shining, birds are singing but unfortunately its a little bit chilly hence there's a blazer firmly clenched on my shoulders for that much needed warmth. Today, I come at you in this minimalistic ensemble, one that I put together within a matter of minutes as I'm almost always in a hurry.

Having been gifted with this skirt about 2 months ago, it's only just making its grand debut. I paired it up with a simple text tee and a pair of strappy heels for that casual feel. I actually bought this 'c'est la vie' tee from Internacionale whilst it was on sale for just £5. Comfortability is very important to me which is why I tend to purchase baggy t-shirts. Then we come to this magnificent bag. My aunt went thrift shopping a while and bought me this bag from a charity shop. What she didn't realise is that the bag is actually Love Moschino which is brilliant! It does show very small signs of wear as you'd expect from a thrift find, but I'm absolutely content with it. You can bet I won't be putting this little gem away anytime soon. 

* In other news, I'm a step closer to being the proud owner of everything on my AW13 Wishlist. My boyfriend has evidently been snooping around this blog. He only went out and bought me this 'Selfie' beanie which was one of the items included on my wishlist. 10 more to go..

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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