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Unknown Kulture Beanie / Unknown Kulture Clouded Vision  T-shirt / Ebay Zara Look alike Skort / LYDC Bag / Primark Heels. 

The weather is definitely getting cooler so here is to making the most of the very last rays of 2013's summer sunshine. Here is another chance for this rather brilliant Zara look alike skort to woo you with its minimalistic potential. Yes, you've seen this particular one before but I dare say this slick little number is a no brainer anytime I want to kick things up a notch whilst maintaining that simplistic touch. Today, I am summoning autumn time with one rad beanie and simple tee sent to me by an upcoming brand called Unknown Kulture. Teaming it up with their white tee and a pair of simple black heels; it's all about urban uptown chic.
     Ironically, I went to high school with the founders of this brand so it was nice to receive a few things for the purposes of review from people you knew once upon a time. First impressions, the beanie is totally R A D and well the t-shirt is just like any other t-shirt. The items are great quality and definitely worth checking out but I'm not done yet.

I'm always looking for something different, something that showcases creativity and individuality; Unknown Kulture offers a little bit of everything in their own way. Having said that, I've seen these t-shirts with brand logos before; it is just too common. What I'd really like to see is creativity overload, something I've never seen before which will make the brand stand out from all the others. You can never give too much! All in all, their stuff is pretty great so check it out; its where all the cool kids hang out! 

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Hope you've all had a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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