Teeny Tiny Vessel!

Ebay Sunglasses / Peacocks Waistcoat / Primark Peplum Top / New Look Waistcoat / Sorayas Striped Leggings / Peacocks Bag / Stylistpick Chez-Black Lace Up Ankle Boots.

& I'm back to my demented bright ways, just little ol' me; sashaying around in what seems to be the last few rays of summer sunshine whilst relishing the simple things in life. Well, lets just settle with I'm trying to! This isn't the first time I've showcased this gorgeous print peplum top, you last saw it a few months ago when it hit the streets of London. Having the greatest ineffable infatuation with colours is a walk in the park because half the time, I don't have to think about what to wear. It's a sycophantic obsession that even my own mother can't understand! Some people think I'm weird but I like to think of myself as weird with a twist of awesome. Wholly enamoured by all things print/bright; I come at you in this rather blinding ensemble but fear not, I come in peace. 

I'm always looking to break fashion conventions, it's like an itch I just can't scratch enough hence I have an uncanny dress sense. Pairing up this colourful peplum with a pair of simple striped leggings, it's all about 90s grunge with a hint of monochrome; just trying to live loud for as long as I can. I finished off my look with these amazing boots which were sent to me by Stylistpick 2 days ago (watch my Youtube video HERE!). 
These are undoubtedly the most comfortable boots ever! Because they are quite high, you'd think they would torture your feet uncontrollably.. wrong! They look great, feel great and are an absolute steal right now as they are on sale for just £15! And with that I'm wailing out.

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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