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An involuntary accolade to these rather amazing Topshop Boyfriend! I had always wondered why bloggers love Topshop so much; man was I missing out. If you watched my Collective Haul video, you would know that these badboys and a pair of monochrome trousers were my first ever Topshop purchases. Now it seems I have fallen into an abyss of Topshop lovin', one I can't crawl out of.
Moving on to the important stuff, I was recently contacted by a new brand called Love&Lies in regards to reviewing some of their stuff. They kindly requested that I choose what pocket I would like to have sewn onto one of their t-shirts and which beanie I would like. Being an avid fan of everything bright and quirky, I chose their tie dye tee and asked to have a parrot print pocket sewn onto it, not forgetting their electric blue Elmo Beanie! Come on, you remember Elmo.. Sesame Street! Now you remember don't you?

First impressions: The tee is totally R A D! It fits great, the tie and dye looks amazing and complements the parrot print pocket so well. Love it! As for the Beanie; it looked amazing, I loved the colour and of course Elmo until I took it out of the postage packaging. All along I had thought that this funky character was sewn on to the beanie; turns out it's just stuck on which is not that great because Elmo fell off before I even took him out for a spin. I was really disappointed! There was only one thing to do so dug out my needle+thread and sew Elmo onto the beanie.
& Viola; all is well again. 
I filmed and uploaded a Youtube video a couple of minutes ago on this, watch it HERE!

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Outfit wise, I'm heading out for dinner with my boyfriend in a bit! This is something we do every Saturday, it's either we go out for dinner or we head to the cinema *movie nerds alert*, it's just our thing. Dresses out the window, I teamed up this tee with boyfriend jeans for that slouchy, relaxed look. I'm going to eat, a girl's got to have some breathing space. 
I finished off my look by tying my check shirt around my waist for that grungey feel! Who needs to wear shirts these days when you can just tie it around your waist, it's so much cooler! Chucking on a beanie, John Lennon Style Sunnies and simple black heels, I'm wailing out to get my eat on!

I also flimed and uploaded a new YOUTUBE video on these review items and mini beauty haul. Be sure to Subscribe & don't forget to watch it in HD on Youtube:)

Have a lovely weekend!
Nokhuthula xo 
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