Don't be a menace!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Wallis striped top / H&M Jumper / New Look Necklace / Ebay Gold Peace Sign Handlet / Kayes Dress / Ebay Cutout Boots. 

The sun has paid us yet another visit which can only mean one thing, I'm breaking out that long lost dress which I last wore many months ago! I'm overcome by a subtle euphoria, a happiness triggered by the chance of donning a long dress without tights one last time. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little; we both know this is not the last time this year. As the weather gets colder, the tights start piling up; it's only inevitable! Anyway, I'm a 90s kid so it only seems right that I hop on the countercultural band wagon, the kind that appreciates the beauty of 90s grunge and everything inbetween.

Neglect has become a big issue with me, one that needs to be sorted out! Having neglected this dress for nearly two years, I dug it out today for this grunge get-up. Teaming it up with a striped top and striped jumper, it's all about mixing different textures and prints. I'm completely in love with my cutout boots; actually scratch that; I'm completely obsessed with my cutout boots! They are super comfortable and of course look totally rad; what's not to like? Finishing off with my fedora hat which I've missed ever so much and a gold peace sign handlet, I'm wailing out; still trying not to be a menace. 

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo  
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