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It seems I'm stuck somewhere between genuinely frustrated and aggressively anarchistic merely because the weather has suddenly changed from hot and sunny to wet and dreary in less than 48 hours. Oh, the irony. My conclusion; summer is officially coming to an end *boo* but hey, its my 22nd birthday in 19 days! My outfits are not always themed around any one particular trend. I am however in a bit of a rut as I find myself unable to stop donning minimalistic looks.

Oh, how I have missed these demented bright colours and psychedelic prints of mine. Neon has definitely been one of my favourite trends this year and its still going strong. Teaming up these neon red disco pants with an oversized baggy shirt, its all about that relaxed, slouchy look. Every girl needs at least one day to just lounge around and I have a day off so let's get lazy.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo
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