Grunge Vibes!

H&M Bowler Hat / Ebay Sunglasses / Primark Cardigan / Peacocks Print Dress / Ebay Handlet / Matalan Bag / Matalan Socks / Ankle Boots. 

Overcome by a subtle euphoria, my happiness is triggered by the sun being around once again. Its not that warm and the sun most definitely isn't that bright but at least it's not raining so I'll take it. I just can't resist the classic appeal of a simple print dress; we all love a good graphic parody, its eye catching. Postmodern Juxtaposition! Its all about hopping on the countercultural bandwagon, the kind that appreciates the beauty of psychedelic prints whilst keeping the accessories neutral and to a minimum.

Can you believe that I've had this dress for more than 4 years? It has been a victim of neglect and I deserve to be sanctioned. The print is just breathtaking; bright and vibrant which means it's right up my street. Teaming it up with some funky socks *Hey Dude, Be Cool*, I can safely say that I have the nerdiest sock collection. Throw on a bowler hat; bright, playful heels and a huge bag to achieve that slouchy 90s grunge look. As much as I enjoy experimenting with other trends, I'm forever team grunge!

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo

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