22nd Birthday Shenanigans!

Outfit 1: H&M Peplum Top / New Look Necklace / Ebay Zara Skort Lookalike / River Island Clutch / New Look Heels. 
Outfit 2: Matalan Blouse / H&M Trousers / River Island Clutch / New Look Heels.

It's official, I am 22 years old which is pretty exciting and rather scary at the same time as I feel like life is moving too fast and I'm moving at a snail pace, cruising through life aloof. Unfortunately, on the 23rd of August, I did wake up an old woman with grey hair and crooked teeth, it was not a pretty sight! I will refrain from posting a photo of my looks from that morning as it might send you into a state of shock. Thank goodness for those things called makeovers; I'm as good as new which is why I am happily pouncing around, flashing my gnashes like there's no tomorrow. I'll be doing a Youtube video on what I got for my birthday otherwise this post will go on and on. On a serious note, I had such a lovely birthday weekend and this is set to be quite a long post so grab a drink, take a sit, relax and join me on this giant cupcake filled ride. 
I wore this outfit for the final part of my birthday celebrations which was a lovely dinner with a few friends on Sunday night. Minimalism has become a good friend of mine lately, I seem to be stuck in this simplistic mentality, desperately trying to cling on to my demented ways. I wanted a really simple outfit that was also 'me' and no outfit of mine is complete without bright colours. Pairing up this peplum top with this  beautiful blue skort, it was all about uptown chic. As for the shoes, well I had been saving these especially for my birthday. They made their grand debut in my Haul Video and I just can't get enough of them; throwing on a River Island clutch and a simple gold necklace to finish off. We had dinner at Thai Lounge, a really pretty little restaurant located in Whitchurch Cardiff. Great customer service, delicious food and great company; what more could a girl ask for. 


I wore this outfit on my actual birthday (23rd of August), my boyfriend took me out for dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Cardiff which is one of my favourite places to eat whilst my mother's present to me was two giant cupcakes! Oh, she knows me so well! It was raining so the dress I had planed to wear was not an option. In all honesty I do prefer trousers to dresses lately simply because they allow more room for styling; it was the perfect opportunity for me to do what I do best, clash some prints! This is the second time this gorgeous blouse has appeared on my Blog, the first was when I wore it to a fashion show at the Penthouse in London as a skirt suit. I absolutely love the material of this blouse, it almost sparkles in the light which is great. Teaming it up a pair of small print trousers to compliment the top's floral print, it was all about an understated yet edgy look, appropriate enough for a dinner date.

Thank you all so much for the birthday messages! A Youtube video on what I got for  my birthday will be uploaded soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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