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Ebay Sunglasses / KarmaClothing White Lace Wetlook Shirt / New Look Necklace / Ebay Zara Skort look alike / Primark Satchel /River Island Shoes.

Grungey tendencies out of the window, I've once again warmed up to minimalism. This outfit is completely out of my 'comfort' zone merely because there are no bright colours or prints involved, just black and white. How to wear a skort casually, here it is. I'm big on scrapping conventions and taking risks all year round so it is surely safe to say that I have lost my marbles! My hair however seems to have time traveled back to the 90s, its where all the cool kids hang out. 
The sun and I kind of have that love/hate relationship. Weather wise, its great to have your blog photos snapped in the sunshine; its just not as great when the sun is so bright that it makes your white shirt glow! Rant over, this shirt is the most perfect white shirt. I tend to wear Mac Studio Fix foundation and one thing I've noticed is that it rubs off onto clothes easily if you are not careful. That's undoubtedly the worst thing that could happen to your white shirt. Not with this one though, it has a black wetlook leather collar! Take that Studio Fix Foundation. I fell in love with how feminine this lace shirt is; the wetlook leather collar gives it just the right amount of edge. Pairing it up with a skort and simple white sandals, it's all about the innocence of a school girl and being conservative. It can be quite challenging figuring out what to wear with a skort but once you get stuck in, the ideas will flow. Its a skort, wear it how you want! Granted, I'm not wearing any bright colours or prints but the essence of a school girl should surely suffice.

Have a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo
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