Summertime Blues!

Ebay DIY Beanie / Ebay John Lennon Style Sunglasses / DIY Top / Vintage Zolibeau Shorts / Peacocks Rucksack / Platform Boots.

Literally dragged myself out of bed, styled shit up and then slowly crawled back to my ever so comfortable place of solace. If that's not manning the hell up, then I don't know what is! Besides, I couldn't leave you guys hanging all this time without giving you the low down on what's occurring. Anyway, this is actually the the first time I've been outside in the past 2 days, tonsillitis has hit me hard. I'm sure you are aware of why I've been a bit MIA since Saturday if you follow me on Instagram. I'm pretty sure none of you have seen black bags as big as the ones under my eyes today so I'll save you the torture. Thank goodness for those great little numbers called sunglasses which sure come in handy on days like these.I'm grumpy and I'm in pain which only means one thing, I've got summertime blues. It's only right I come at you in this bohemian nearly all blue ensemble.

It was fairly easy to snap photos today merely because I am genuinely grumpy! Normally, I have to stop myself from making faces in blog photos, you know, put on a straight face and act professional. Outfit wise, I am loving the matchy matchy trend! Trust me to put together two pieces purchased from different places simply because they kind of match. Just trying to keep things interesting for as long as I can. Even though I'm ill, its all peace and love man.

Hope you're all having a lovely week.
Nokhuthula xo
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