Mood Blues!

New Look Studs / New Look Necklace / Primark Batman T-shirt / Ebay Plaid Blazer / Ebay Zara Skort Lookalike / LYDC Bag / New Look Heels. 

Another day, another skort! It seems I have fallen into a deep burrow of melancholia merely because the weather has changed so I apologise for the very few photos. The one day I decide to debut my new royal blue skort look alike which I purchased from Ebay, it rains. Oh, the irony. Looks like Mr Sun has eloped with yet another woman, however our sultry romance most certainly lasted longer than I expected. Hopefully he crawls back to offer me a sense of warmth and serenity all the way through August. I'm not reppin many trends here. In fact I've only just jumped onto the 'Batman' bandwagon; a few months late wouldn't you say?

I have never been one to follow trends but these two are just too good to miss. Teaming up a simple batman t-shirt, skort & a plaid blazer to add some character to my look, its all about minimalistic uptown chic. A bright coloured bag later, I'm wailing out. Someone pass me an umbrella.

Hope you've all had a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo
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