Landlocked Blues!

New Look Necklace / Thrift 'Hero' Text T-shirt / H&M Trousers / Matalan Bag / New Look Heels.

Wholly monopolizing the section of my wardrobe that I'm always ever so willing to wear with no questions asked, I drool over the splendor of beautiful & weird prints. H&M is the only place to go for print clothing which is why it just so happens to be my favourite store, wholly enamored by their patterns/textures and everything in-between; with the exception of River Island and Topshop every once in a while. Text/Comic tees erupted early this year becoming one of the biggest trends for this summer. It's funny I should say 'this summer', we are not having much of a summer at all this year. Anyway, I'm quite a fan of text/comic tees donning this thrift 'Hero' t-shirt. Its all about appreciating the beauty of simplicity, a chance for these rather funky print trousers to woo you with their minimalistic potential. 

Oh, did I mention that I have a new hair do? Ahh yes, my hair has had an upgrade, braids in all their glory! I teamed up the trousers with this simple t-shirt to avoid diverting attention away from them. It is kind of difficult merely because of the awesomeness of this t-shirt's logo. I have always been fond of blue which is why I tend to match up blue with  blue, it creates an interesting clash. I have completely lost it do you say? No I haven't, just trying to keep things interesting, keeping creativity alive for as long as I can. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo
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