Just give me 2 minutes..

"Just give me 2 minutes", the most dangerous set of words that shoots out of my mouth every time I want to shop but try to hide it from my best friend simply because she will try and stop me as she knows just how excessive I can be. There something very wrong with me. As soon as I walk into a store, I can't help but give into the urge to buy buy buy! The fact that sales are everywhere at the moment and the fact that I work right in the middle of town doesn't help much either, reeling you in with their amazingly low prices. Its plain sorcery; I am a lost cause, your typical fashion blogger; a mere shopaholic.

There is only one place I go to for shoes and that's New Look! I bagged those lady like beauts whilst they were on sale for just £8, did you really expect me to leave them?! Being an avid fan of prints, it was only inevitable that I would make my way into H&M and purchase this beautiful print dress for just £7.99, yes that's actually full price. I can't wait to style it up 90s grunge. I also bought myself this purple hat from H&M and it fits like a glove. I hope this weather stays so I can rock this bad boy all summer long. Of course, I had to buy my mum something, sashaying into Cath Kidstone and buying  her this rose mug; she drinks a lot of tea! I then payed The Perfume Shop a quick visit. Purchasing Island Fantasy by Britney Spears and a French perfume called Prends Moi, I'm all set for the summer. A spiked up pair of £6 Primark sandals later, I'm wailing out. Hopefully I won't be buying anything else anytime soon.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!
Nokhuthula xo
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