Sporty Vibes!

Footlocker Snapback / Primark Sunglasses / NY Yankees Jersey / Peacocks Rucksack / New Look Heels.

And here in all its glory,  is my first attempt at this so called 'Sport Luxe' trend. It is a chance for this totally rad and amazingly baggy Yankees jersey to woo you with its sporty, minimalistic potential. You would think I would play it safe and go for a monochrome style jersey since this is my first attempt but my addiction to bright colours is rather big. This means one thing, my uncharacteristic motivation today is through the roof.

It's pretty great having a sporty boyfriend who owns countless numbers of basketball and baseball jerseys since 'Sport Luxe' is a huge trend this year. I relieved him of this little beaut a few weeks ago because sadly, it doesn't fit him anymore having grown taller and all. I teamed it up with chunky silver heels, snapback and a print rucksack. At the moment, I am overcome by euphoria, my joy triggered by the change in temperature and the endless possibility of donning some more leg-baring frocks and what not this summer. 

Have a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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