Smells like teen spirit!

Ebay Beanie / Primark Sunglasses / Primark Playsuit / Peacocks Shirt / Matalan Socks / Matalan Rucksack / New Look Shoes.

As much as I enjoyed playing around with minimalism; alas, it had to go. I stuck with minimalistic outfits for a while may be because I don't really have to put too much thought into them or maybe because of the simple fact that I get to wear less clothes without loosing my dignity and decency. Time to get a bit bonkers as I head back to my rather psychotic grungey tendencies in full force. I assembled this get up using almost exclusively sale items. This is the perfect outfit for a girly hangout finishing it off by walking to the  ice cream van, yes ice cream van, whilst bobbing your head to Iggy Azalea's 'Work' on your Ipods. Ohhh, these glorious summer days!

Just about the most adorable playsuit in my wardrobe, it was love at first sight. How could I resist this little beaut especially when it was priced at just £5 plus I'm secretly obsessed to bunnies. Its all about quirky with a hint of grunge. Grab a shirt, tie around your waist for that 90s grunge vibe, add a rucksack, throw in a pair of humourous socks in this case 'bonkers' socks and some seriously insane heels to finish off. Hop on the countercultural bandwagon, the kind that appreciates bold grunge. 

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Have a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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