*April2nd Sleeveless Pleat Dress Review!

April2nd Sleeveless Pleat Dress / Thrift Vintage Belt / River Island Clutch Bag / 
Internacionale Court Shoes.

From ladylike to darn right fierce frocks; punchy, fun pattern dresses are a definite way to amp up your summer wardrobe. It's not everyday that you are gifted with such a luxurious and elegant print dress worth £120 to review! I am overcome by a subtle euphoria, my happiness triggered by this newest addition to my wardrobe and the endless possibility of donning this leg baring frock in various ways all summer long. April2nd is the genius behind this magnificent dress, a fashion label specialising in ready-to-wear and bespoke collections; heir first collection launched at London Fashion Week back in September 2012. This is such a timeless piece combining sophistication, fun and simplicity all in one with an unsophisticated beauty. I wore a bright belt with the dress to add some character to my look. Being an avid fan of prints, I am head over hills for this dress. It has taken over my heart whilst continuously and rapidly affirming its intentions with that classy vibe; one dress which can never break my heart.   

Who let the cat out of the bag!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / H&M Woolen Jumper / H&M White Shirt / Zara Skort Lookalike / Primark Satchel / New Look Block Heels.

I am overcome by a subtle euphoria, my happiness triggered by the newest additions to my wardrobe and the endless possibility of donning skorts all summer long. Having been secretly obsessed with these little numbers, today I'm spotting the newest but more importantly cutest addition; *well one of three* to my skirt collection. I finally took the leap and purchased 3 skorts online. As much as I love Zara, I was not quite ready fork out £25.99 to spend on one skort alone. Why not get three for around the same price with a fiver left over? That is exactly what I did, a result of being addicted to shopping whilst living on a budget and having a never-ending wishlist. However, I have noticed a red skort on the Zara website, its bright, its bold, its so me; I want it! Can't promise that I will not be buying it or styling this skort up in nearly every theme imaginable; uptown chic, sweet, grunge, boho, maximalist, and maybe sports luxe. Its all about hopping on the countercultural bandwagon, the kind that appreciates the beauty of simplicity.

Sweet Disposition!

H&M Bowler Hat / H&M Blazer / Internacionale Shirt / Internacionale Floral Dress / New Look Thin Belt / New Look Socks / Matalan Bag / Amazon.co.uk Platform Boots. 

So it seems I'm still hyperventilating over the splendour of this sweet little floral number. It's meant to highlight my rather 'girly' side, with the exception of my predilection for irony. Just trying to live loud by donning brights and prints which as you all know are right up my street, this dress just so happens to be perfect for summer. Unfortunately, we are not exactly having much of a summer thanks to Mr Sun abandoning us once again! I had already become progressively dependant on it; all that's left to say is shame on you Mr Sun. I dare say, I haven't quite lost you for good. You'll come crawling back.

I come at you on this horribly wet day in this rather 'girly' ensemble. I purchased this dress a month ago from my workplace, Internacionale, its such a great little number to brighten up your dreary day. I wore a bright coloured shirt underneath the dress to add a hint of quirky. Throw in a pair of knee high socks, vintage style bag to set the mood of the entire outfit and you are good to go. Why limit yourself?

Have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo 


Matalan Floppy Hat / Primark Sunglasses / Matalan Blouse / New Look Necklace / Jane Norman Shorts / Thrift Bag / New Look Ankle Heels.

I spy with my little eye, a clash of two rather psychedelic prints. Being an avid fan of prints, I come at you in this 'quick fix' ensemble; the result of a late night and having to wake up early morning for work then realising that you don't have an outfit already put together! One simple accessory can set the mood of an entire outfit and talk about the ideal weather to don a floppy hat. I am hoping Mr Sun is here to stay otherwise our sultry romance might just end on a bad note. 

I choose not to limit myself so I fused dogtooth and polkadots together for a change. I confess that I do have a rather grand addiction with mixing prints. It enables me to play around with my wardrobe and spot which pieces are more versatile than others. Simple uptown chic is a favourite of mine this summer, why cover up in such beautiful weather, bare those legs. Brown accessories are always a great addition to this cheeky mix of prints.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo

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The happiest thingamajig in the whatchamacallit!

Ebay Flat top Fedora Hat / Primark Sunglasses / New Look Necklace / Primark Peplum Top / Motel Rocks Shorts / Matalan Bag / Amazon.co.uk Platform Boots. 

Multicoloured print dresses aside, today's outfit has too much green to feel blue plus the weather is bloody beautiful, what's not to like?! Not every outfit of mine has a distinct theme, sometimes I just throw on simple staple pieces to look understated yet seasonal. I snagged my lovely new pair of white round sunnies and sashayed out the door into the sun whilst endlessly pestering my younger brother to snap my blog photos.

This look is a great example of how I interpret uptown chic with a hint of grunge. The platform boots add just the right amount of toughness whilst the colour palette keeps my look soft and rather refreshing. I have to say, my fondness for baggy pieces has increased vastly, gives me room to move. It's all about comfortability this summer, a recognition of my free-spirited self.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Nokhuthula xo

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